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Whether you're watching the financial news on CNN, writing business emails, or reading about the launch of a new product online, you need to be familiar with the vocabulary used in the modern business world. We have developed a great collection of common terms and expressions that will help you become more fluent in modern Business English. These are not technical terms, but real phrases and colloquialisms that are used daily both in the press and in real life.

For only $7 you will be able to instantly download a PDF version of our Glossary of Modern Business English Terms, which has 500 words and expressions, with examples included for each term to show you how it is used in a sentence. We use Paypal in conjunction with - a safe and secure way to pay online, so you can either pay with any credit card, or with your Paypal account if you have one.


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If you're interested, we have several other high-quality, inexpensive ESL worksheet packages which you can buy on our main ESL resources page. We advise you to check out this page, as it contains important information about downloading the files, our refund policy, and more.

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