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Common vocabulary used in nursing 3

If you're a nurse and would like to communicate better with your English-speaking patients, this exercise will help you by allowing you to practice useful terms/expressions nurses use every day.

(Choose the best response for each one)

1. The patient is still __________________________. ( = not awake)

2. The patient __________________________ ( = received/suffered) three large cuts on his forehead.

3. His oxygen __________________________ ( = the percentage of hemoglobin binding sites in the bloodstream occupied by oxygen) is at 95%.

4. We need to administer __________________________ oxygen to this patient. ( = the patient needs to be given more oxygen.)

5. The type of first aid that is given to an unconscious person is called __________________________.

6. A __________________________ is a tube that can be inserted into a patient's body to either inject or drain fluids.

7. _________________________ refers to when a person's body temperature is abnormally low.

8. We have to make sure that her ___________________________ ( = breathing passage) is secure.
  breath way

9. Let's check his pupil size and __________________________. ( = how the pupils react to light, etc.).

10. A __________________________ test examines blood, urine, or hair for the presence of drugs.

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